VOX POPULI [voks pop-yuh-lahy]

n. Latin phrase that literally translates as "the voice of the people."


 Vox Populi was created to cultivate a culture of generosity and kindness, through empowering messages and giving back.  We wholeheartedly believe that generosity is contagious.  That's why we donate $4 from each product sold to organizations that empower youth through education.  We believe that the youth are the future, and that we have an obligation to build them up.

We also believe in the compassion and kindness of humanity, and we want to infuse our world with more of it. We believe in the power of words, and the ability for language to shape a culture; and it starts with the words we each use and messages we spread. We know there is an inspiring, empowering and loving spirit in everyone, and that is the voice we want to embolden and make heard. The voice that stands up for others, the one that speaks kindness and generosity into action.

Why T-Shirts?

What we wear says a lot about who we are, and can spread a message in a powerful way. What if that message was a positive one? What if it encouraged others, made smiles, brightened days and started conversations? What if you started to embody the message you wore on your shirt? What if you started a contagion of kindness? What if we started a movement? 

Now that's fashion that makes a statement.


Who are We? 

We're a brand new husband-and-wife team that wanted to make a difference. We saw pain and division in the world, and we wanted to do our part to mend it. Neither of us had dreams of owning a clothing line - the T-Shirt idea came later. We simply wanted to spread love and positivity, and to give back and spread awareness to a cause we deeply cared about. The T-Shirts are pretty sweet though...

Ruben is a talented musician, music teacher and expert matcha latte maker. Sydney is a wanderluster, fitness enthusiast and expert matcha latte drinker. They live with their three giant dog children and two very angry cats.



 Environmental and Social Responsibility

 ​We know our customers care about the social and environmental impact of their purchases, and we do too. That's why we have selected suppliers that share our values. Our suppliers implement corporate social responsibility standards, where factory employees are given fair wages and comfortable working conditions. Our suppliers are also environmentally conscious, using recycled materials and limiting energy waste. All of our products are printed in America. They are printed using water based pigment inks that are CPSIA compliant and Oeko-Tex™ certified, which means they are safe to print on youth/children’s clothing and reduce environmental waste. Yay for sustainability!

We are also proud of our unique business model. All of our shirts are made when you order, which means we don't purchase large amounts of inventory, in order to avoid any overproduction. Clothing waste comes from mass overproduction and low quality apparel. At Vox Populi, we pride ourselves on the quality and longevity of our products, as well as ZERO waste due to overproduction. Please keep in mind, this means your shirts take a little longer to get to you, but know that it's because they are being specially made, just for you!